Loggings - 12/09/2019

Paul Blundell

Today I had a small amount of time to test out my new 3" FSL aerial (Thanks to Gary). This was a mid day session in the middle of town, I called past a local park during my lunch break and set myself up on a picnic table. 


As my time was limited, I didn't get to spend as long doing this as I would like but I was able to start to learn about some of the amazing features of this aerial and the best way to place / tune it. 


My testing so far seems to suggest that having my Teach PR130 leaning against it (as shown in the below photo) produces the best results.


I logged a few stations on various frequencies, the below are a few standouts.


531 - 3GG (Warragul)
While I am often able to hear this station during the day, adding the power of the 3" FSL aerial takes a noisy signal to a whole new level with my TEAC PR130 struggling to handle the large increase in signal level.


585 - 7RN  (Hobart) 
This is one of my "check" frequencies, a low 1 -2 signal level gets blown up to a strong 5 with this added to the mic.


1323 - 5DN (Adelaide)
Another station that I often check but struggle to hear during the day, the 3" FSL aerial brings a signal out from the noise that while not very strong, is well worth listening to.


1584 - 7SH (St Helens) 

This was a bit of a last minute check, a totally absent signal jumps out when the 3" FSL aerial is added.

Photo: https://ultralightradiodxingtasmania.blogspot.com/2019/09/loggings-12092019.html
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