Oklahoma TP DX 9-9-19

Richard Allen <dx747j@...>

Despite increasing solar activity this morning I was able to hear weak TP signals (LSR at 1206).

612 unID (4QR?) weak het beside KCSP and XEBX 610 QRM at 1159; stronger from LSR.

702 unID (2BL?) het with XEGD 700 QRM at 1209 until 1223.

774 JOUB poor signal at 1004-1008, barely audible fading in and out to 1020.

828 JOBB weak het with unID XE (XELN?) QRM at 1150 , faded in with poor signal at 1152-1153.

Receiver: Skywave with 8-inch FSL.

Richard Allen, 

near Perry OK USA.

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