Re: Innovative Ferrite Antennas Article

Stephen P. McGreevy

Marvelous article, Gary!  What a lovely pic of your cliffside (Oregon) DXing site and the very blue sea -  I can hear the singing hetrodynes now!  Way back in the early-mid. 80s when I rolled out long (1100 ft. / 330m) Beverage antennas from a tent-DXing site atop Mount Vision (Inverness Ridge) in the Point Reyes NS - Marin County, Calif., the additional altitude of 1100 feet above sea-level (thus a much greater view out to the distant horizon) really ENHANCED TP DX - especially DUs and Hawaiians, compared to the near sea-level beachside DXpeditions.  It is possible the much farther-view of the horizon allows for the really low-angle "combined constructively-phased groundwave-skywave" effect to occur - TP signals would stay in post sunrise for longer periods compared to the near-sea level sites at Abbotts Lagoon and North Beach (all within Pt. Reyes National Seashore).  As such, I think that really FAR OUT horizon view in your photos in this article is also an added factor WHY TP DX is so superior there (as it was atop Mt. Vision for me).

73 and thanks a lot!,

Steve McGreevy

On Thu, Sep 5, 2019 at 05:18 AM, Gary DeBock wrote:

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