Innovative Ferrite Antennas Article

Gary DeBock

For the benefit of those who cannot attend the IRCA convention in Seattle, an 8-page article has been written detailing the recent innovations in ferrite antennas, including the latest "supercharged" travel portables and the airport-friendly FSL models demonstrating superior performance on exotic overseas ocean beaches.

The article details the four types of antennas offering four levels of ferrite antenna gain, and also four different types of DXing sites offering enhanced propagation for superior results with ferrite antennas. This is the same outline as the speech that will be given at the convention on Saturday, although the article contains additional photos and links

For those who can attend the convention on Saturday there will be a chance for "hands-on" daytime DXing with these ferrite antennas in the afternoon (weather permitting), including the 17" diameter Monster FSL (the world's largest, heaviest and costliest :-) Hope to see you there!

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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