Re: Top Twelve South Pacific Signals to the Rockwork Cliff (August 2019)

Gary DeBock

Thanks Art (and Paul),

We would be honored to have you (and/ or Dave) to join us in one of our Rockwork "Cliffhanger DXing" sessions someday!

As for choosing DXing priorities, we all face tough decisions. At the Rockwork cliff there was exceptional Longwave NDB-DX (from Australia and New Zealand) coming in at the same time as exceptional Medium Wave DX, which for a live Ultralight radio DXer is probably the ultimate tough choice. Since the Longwave DX was much more rare I went after stations like 320-AI (Aitutaki, Cook Islands), 346-TG (Tauranga, NZ) and 366-PNI (Pohnpei, FSM) when I could have been chasing rare Kiwis and Aussies on MW. But my partner Tom Rothlisberger was recording it all on his Perseus-SDR, so not all is lost :-) He made out like a bandit!

73, Gary 

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