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Paul Blundell

Another excellent report.

On Mon, 19 Aug 2019, 9:00 p.m. Gary DeBock via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
     Excellent Longwave propagation was the big story of this month's Rockwork Cliff effort, with Tom R. once again breaking the record for South Pacific NDB's received during a west coast DXpedition. But even on the lower part of the Medium Wave band some South Pacific signals got a huge boost as a related bonus. The two Kiwi stations on 531 kHz pounded in like locals when the South Pacific NDB's made their move, and 558-Fiji rode the same trend. Other than that the usual Kiwi and Aussie regulars rounded out the top ten, except that the new 1107-Magic Talk made the list for the first time, definitely seeming to have received a power boost along with the new format.

531  More FM   Alexandra, New Zealand   2 kW   The rare Kiwi rocker (except for Rockwork) pounded in at S9+ during some exceptional Longwave propagation at 1307 on 8-9, with a female ID at 40 seconds
         Another S9+ rocking signal during the record breaking Longwave propagation at 1302 on 8-8; ID at 53 seconds
531  PI   Auckland, New Zealand   5 kW   Another beneficiary of exceptional Longwave propagation with female Samoan and island drum music at S9 level on 8-6 at 1307
         Island music at similar S9 level at 1309 on 8-2
558  Radio Fiji One   Suva, Fiji   10 kW   Church music at S9+ level at 1307 on 8-3; this signal was found by Craig Barnes
         Island music at S9 level with female voiced ID at 1:18, and male voiced ID at 1:24
585  7RN   Hobart, Australia   10 kW   Once again this Tasmanian RN network relay seemed to tap into the Kiwi propagation pipeline to the Cliff, usually hitting a powerful level at least once each session, as at 1317 on 8-7
 603  Radio Waatea   Auckland, New Zealand   5 kW   Maori net flagship station usually hit several S9 peaks with its Maori music each session, such as at 1302 on 8-4
Australian interloper 4CH (// 594) temporarily sneaks onto the frequency at a good level all alone at 1305 on 8-5, only to be humbled by an S9 Radio Waatea a few seconds later
657  Star   Wellington/ Tauranga, New Zealand   50/ 10 kW   The Christian hymn broadcaster always managed a potent signal each morning (such as at 1321 on 8-3), but was typically plastered by heavy splatter
702  2BL   Sydney, Australia   50 kW   LR network big gun was overall the strongest Oz signal during the DXpedition, and typically had the edge over NZ's Magic, as at 1315 on 8-1
765  Radio Kahungunu   Napier-Hastings, New Zealand   2.5 kW   Overachieving Maori network station was its usual booming self, with this Maori music S9 signal at 1248 on 8-4
1017  A3Z   Nuku'alofa, Tonga   20 kW   This South Pacific big gun continued to pound in at S9+ several times each morning, such as with church music at 1321 on 8-4
          Young female Tongan speech was testing my Ultralight radio's crunch resistance at 1253 on 8-7
1035  Newstalk ZB   Wellington, New Zealand   20 kW   Usually managing S9 peaks several times during a session, such as with this ID and Kiwi ad string at 1317 on 8-3
1107  Magic Talk   Tauranga/ Rotorua, New Zealand   "1 kW" (LOL)   The new-format phenomena from NZ's Mediaworks, apparently featuring call-in talk from Monday to Friday and a parallel with the oldies-broadcasting Magic network (702-738-891) on weekends. This S9+ oldies music // 702 (including the "Magic difference" ID) was received during the Kiwi weekend at 1318 on 8-3
           The new-format call in talk program was also at an S9+ level at 1313 on 8-6
1503  Radio Sport   Wellington/ Chrischurch, New Zealand   5/ 2.5 kW   The big gun Kiwi network with the Yankee-accented relay of Fox Sports Network after 1300 daily, such as at 1315 on 8-1

73 and Good DX,
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