Re: What do you class as 'DX"?

Peter Laws

On Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 12:07 AM Andy ZL3AG via Groups.Io
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After having a wee think about this...

For AM - anything that you can't hear every night of the year.
For FM - anything that you can't hear 24/7/365.
I look at everything as a ham and broadcast DXer (and any other band -
i.e. FDNY on 154 MHz when I lived in Boston in the 80s). I think what
is above is a good, succinct description. For amateur stuff, it's
always distance for me (DX being very early telegraphy shortcut for
that word) but it's distance modulated by what Andy says - I am more
excited to work a station 1000 km away on 144 MHz than I am to work a
station 10000 km away on 14 MHz. The former is rare while the latter
is .. pretty much every day.

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