Re: What do you class as 'DX"?

Paul S. in CT

Rather tricky, and unique answers abound. Since you didn't post ANY information, there are two basic ways... by distance, or a formula that factors distance and TX power. Some folks think a 50kW station at 500km is NOT the same as 1kW at 500km. Thats why formulas abound. Theres a measure of sensitivity using a formula. But I would also state catching R. Australia in the North East USA is DX no matter what. (And I have using a barefoot Tecsun R911 and R9012, a distance of 16750 km 10400 mi)

Regardless of choice, the easy way by distance is to take the total number of receptions, divide by 19, then multiply by 3. Thats what "qualifies" by statistics as being outside of the main body of RX. So, the furthest 3/19 ths of all your RX is DX.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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