Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video


I just wanted to mention my method of soldering large count litz wire.
 I set a spoon on my electric stove, then melt a large drop of solder
in the center of the spoon,
"guessing" just under 3/8" across. I dip about 3/8" to 1/2" of the litz
into rosin flux and then
I put that into the melted solder on the spoon. Basically a mini solder
pot. I have had great success,
with thoroughly saturated litz. Once you have a good tinning job on the
litz, it's fairly easy to solder.
 A couple of notes; I usually set the other end of the spoon on
something to make the level. There is a
lot of heat coming from the burner so it is a little trick to get in and
out before your fingers get to hot.
My spoon, I thing it's stainless steel. I also have put some flux in
with the solder on the spoon,
and you may need to experiment with the burner temperature setting.
 I have used this for at least ten litz wires and I'm happy with it.


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