Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video

Gord Seifert

   Thanks for the suggestion Phil! I suspect though that I will go with the wire Gary has been using since he has used it on a number of projects and had very good results. The 1200 strand wire is an unknown and does cost 1.5 times as much per foot. With the 100 foot roll I could build a Mini and have enough left to build a much bigger one if I really get into it. Or I could sell it to someone else who also doesn't need a full 100 foot length..

    Gary, you are pretty much THE authority on these antennas, maybe you should offer the seller of the 1200 strand wire the opportunity to submit a sample roll for your evaluation. If it actually works better than what you have been using, your endorsement would certainly mean more business for that seller. Also, if the seller of the wire you have been using is a friend, you might suggest that he consider selling shorter lengths. He might actually sell more and would likely sell it at a bit more per foot in shorter lengths as well.


   Chilliwack, BC

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