Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video


On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 04:11 PM, Gary DeBock wrote:
<<<   Hello, Gary -
Nice looking FSL, and well-demonstrated.
How would you expect the performance of the setup in the video to compare with the performance of a Sangean PR-D15?
Rich   >>>

Hello Rich,

Since I don't have a Sangean PR-D15 it's tough to answer your question, ...
Understandable (thanks).

For a reference point, my "stock" Sangean PR-D15 is able to receive a 530 kHz TIS station located about 35 miles from me.  Earth conductivity along the groundwave path is ~ 15 mS/m, and the calculated field intensity of the arriving signal is ~ 50 µV/m.

As expected, the receiver audio is very noisy for those conditions, but it is understandable about 90% of the time, No-one would tolerate listening to it for very long, though.

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