Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video

Gary DeBock

<<<   I found this on ebay:
1200/46 Litz.  It is NOT cheaper, but he allows you to buy in 10 foot increments. For instance 30 feet for ~$48. This could bring your cost down a bit, if you are not going to build more than one FSL
Gary do you think that this wire would be equivalent to the 1162/46 wire that you called out above?
Phil   >>>

Hi Phil,

Unfortunately I've never tried that 1200/46 Litz wire, so I can't give you a decent answer. All I can say is that the 1162/46 Litz wire sold by "Mkmak222" is extremely effective in FSL designs, and the seller is also a long-term friend, who is completely honest and reliable.

In the early days of FSL experimentation Steve R. gave me a warning about purchasing Litz wire from unknown sources, and I've never regretted following his advice. Of course everybody is free to do as they choose, but when the Litz wire costs about $1 a foot it's not much fun to take a chance.

73, Gary

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