Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video


Hi Gary,
 Have you ever measured Q of any of your FSLs?
I thought Q was important from when I first heard of the FSL,
although, when a guru responded in an email,
"Q has next to no relation to how the FSL will actually perform."
I questioned him on that, he got mad, and stopped responding to my email.

 The fact that you use 1162 count litz and this new capacitor that
can be tuned more sharply is just more evidence that Q is important.
  But is there something I don't understand where Litz could be important,
but Q is not? Doesn't make sense to me.
 Have you ever measured the Q at top, bottom and middle of the band?
  Just curious what the Q range on your FSLs is.
                           Thanks, Mikek

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