Re: 3 Inch FSL Tecsun PL-380 Model

Gary DeBock


From an eyesight point of view, the most challenging part of that project was to solder the two 250/46 Litz wires onto the two PL-380 circuit board terminals. Possible problems in that process include cold solder joints, solder bridges to adjacent connections, fried components and/ or separation of the connecting foil from the circuit board. I can't really tell you how much it would cost to repair (or even if a repair is practical) without looking at the exact problem. If some components are fried or if the foil has separated from the circuit board, it may be necessary to order another PL-380 to correct the problem-- which isn't a very practical solution. Cold solder joints and solder bridges are easy to correct (as long as the original circuit board terminals are intact, and no parts are fried), and the rest of the antenna is fairly straightforward to work on, as long as the recommended parts were used. But before any repair is attempted (or repair cost estimated) a visual inspection is necessary to diagnose the problem.

73, Gary

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