Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video

Gary DeBock

<<<    Hello, Fellow LF/MF DXers!
Amazing Antenna.  I plan to build one.  Looking for suppliers for the russian variety of ferrite, used, including the one of special shape that avoids the "sticks of dynamite" visual look, that gives pause to shippers... Where can I get some of the usable varieties of ferrite? 
There was mention made of the effectiveness of the variable capacitor chosen for this antenna.   I am very interested in knowing any variable capacitor characteristics that assist in maximum signal.    Most  300-400 pF capacitors look very similar.  What sets your selection apart from "garden variety" capacitors in that capacitance range that works especially well in this application?
Best, 73,   Pat Barthelow AA6EG   >>>

Thanks for your comments, Pat!

The Russian surplus 120mm x 8mm ferrite rods are not currently available on eBay, but the 140mm x 8mm ferrite rods (slightly longer) are available at
The 1162/46 Litz wire is available on eBay at the following link!98371!US!-1
Finally, the compact, high performance "384-P" variable capacitor with the 8:1 planetary drive system is available at

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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