Re: New Design 3 Inch Baby FSL Antenna Demo Video

Gary DeBock

Thanks Craig and Chris,

Your comments on the 3" Baby FSL video are greatly appreciated!

Of course there is constant tweaking and testing of new FSL designs here, and A/B testing is pretty relentless. Craig, there is already a superior version of the 5" Bar FSL that I shipped to you only a few months back, so I'll be happy to provide you with the latest, improved model in an exchange at the Rockwork cliff in August. Chris, there will also be one of the latest 5" Bar FSL models ready for you at the same time, with the "suitcase-friendly" 4' PVC base parts ready as well (for both of you). At the Rockwork Cliff you both should be able to fine tune your FSL DXing skills on 558-Fiji, 1017-Tonga-- and maybe even Western Oz!

By the time of the Poipu, Kauai DXpedition in November you both should be able to score around the world (when you aren't snorkeling or hiking).

73, Gary


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