Andy ZL3AG

Hi Paul,

Most NZ FM stations use RDS, so you'll be set for them next FM DX season.

I did a bandscan while on the Gold Coast earlier in the year, and looking at my notes, less than 50% of strong signals had RDS data.

I'm not sure what chipset the AR-1780 uses, but the following are my commented posted elsewhere on the AR-1733:

When I had a bunch of portables sitting on the car roof during an SpE opening the other day, I had an AR-1733 (si4736 chip) with me and it was easily outperformed by the Tecsun PL380 (si4734) and the KMart DAB12711.

Which got me thinking - WHY it wasn't as good as the PL380 (as they use a very similar radio chip)?

I pulled the AR-1733 apart and the reason it stinks on FM is that they've added Air Band reception as a completely separate radio system causing the RF path from telescopic whip to the FM input of the SiliconLabs chip to be convoluted. The si4736 is designed to be directly connected to an aerial - says so in the design brief. Adding air band has downgraded the FM Broadcast specs. Interestingly there is also a "weather band" chip there as well that isn't used - probably enabled by software in a USA "C Crane Skywave" version.

I wonder if the AR1780 has a similar design? If so, the FM performance may not be as good as you would expect.


On 11/06/19 3:59 PM, Paul Blundell wrote:
Thanks for the information Peter. Here in Tasmania it seems to be a mixed bunch, I was hoping to use it to help ID some stations I can hear.

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