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I have several portables with FM RDS, and the factory radio in my 2003 Chevrolet Impala (which I believe was made by Sangean; it programs and behaves just like a Sangean portable) also has it. About half the FM stations in my area use it to display a running playlist of song title and artist name, the others offer little more than station callsign, frequency, and maybe a slogan (e.g. "more hit music!"). 

Keith B.
Seattle WA USA

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> With my new Digitech AR-1780 having RDS, do most stations broadcast this or not? I am seeing it on a few commercial frequencies but nothing on the ABC or other smaller broadcasters.

Outside the USA, dunno.  Inside the USA ... mostly.  Is it configured
correctly?  Not so much in the market I'm in.  PTY is often wrong.
Clock time is often wrong or missing.  Station automation software may
or may not be sending the correct data to the encoder.  It's sad,

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