Re: Digitech AR1780

Gary DeBock

<<<   I just received a batch of litz wire and a batch of ferite rods from your group's recommended seller for these items on eBay.  gary's receptions in HI are wonderful/like his DX at the Clffs in Oregon!   >>>

Thanks Steve,

Your comments are appreciated-- and I think that we have only scratched the surface in Hawaii!

<<<    As a former Point Reyes NP DXer (former Marin County resident and native until 1996 escape to less expensive locale here) rolling out Beverges in the early 80s at Point Reyes (North Beach and Mount Vision) and then in Hawaii (alone in my car with long 1100 ft. Bevs on the Big Island or DXing at good friend Dr. Richard E. Wood's home QTH too), it was really cool to DX the now gone Oceania Island stations (1188 Wallis for example! - etc. etc.).   >>>

Yes, I have also been inspired by Richard's Hawaii loggings since I was a teenager in 1969. He would routinely report reception of graveyard stations from all over the USA. Shortly before he passed away he sent me a long, handwritten letter expressing serious interest in our new (at the time) Ultralight radio group.

<<<   Gary's more recent DXpeds. in 2015 onwards PROOVE the FSL's superior DX capabilities to the maximum!  Therefore, I will construct a similar style loop and maybe can get to the coast out of this deep Mojave Desert locale for some top-notch DX like you FSL using dudes do at the OR coast and abroad or in Hawaii!  Kudos! And most importantly, big THANKS for your input for all of the MW DXing community globally!   >>>

Actually, Steve, we are having the thrill of our lives developing these hot little new antennas, and using them for exotic DX around the world. Nobody needs to thank us for having such a blast! Even in a "worst case scenario" place like Hong Kong (with which you are very familiar), if an FSL can't be conveniently deployed, a 7.5" loopstick will provide some "supercharged" DXing excitement (Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East). I'm just hoping that the Commies in Beijing don't ruin the place before a return trip next April.

73, Gary


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