Re: New Design (2019) FSL Antennas

Tony Magon

Hi All

I thought this article may be of interest


Tony VK2IC

On Sat, Jun 8, 2019 at 9:13 AM Phil Pasteur <> wrote:

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Thanks Gary,
I thought I read a few months ago that you had some of these. Just a faulty memory I am sure. Steve R. wrote me offline and sent me a link. Thanks Steve!!  I ordered a couple of what I think are the correct parts.
This is the description:
384pf Air Variable Capacitor with 8:1 planetary reduction drive

I will be interested to see what the differences are with my 7" FSL. Is there anything else I need to do other then just swap the part. I would not think so, but figured I would ask.
Thanks for the reply!


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