Re: New Design (2019) FSL Antennas

Gary DeBock

Thanks Craig,

Your comments are appreciated, but a lot of the early progress with the "Frequent Flyer" FSL antenna was related to your own transoceanic DXing success, especially your breakthrough Princeville, Kauai trip in April of 2017. The awesome Asian recordings on your open-air iPhone videos were enough to convince anyone to make the dream DXing trip of a lifetime, and head for Kauai!

This November we should have some serious DXing fun in Poipu, with four highly motivated participants, an in-house DU English translator (Chris from Melbourne), four of the razor-sharp tuning 5 inch FSL's and four continents to go after (all of Asia, Oceania, and North & South America). Of course that won't stop us from going after the big guns in Europe and Africa if we have half a chance :-)

73, Gary


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