Airport Friendly TP DX Equipment


Several years ago Gary DeBock generously made a 3.5" FSL available to me to use on a few trips to spots on the PNW coast such as Kalaloch and Rockaway Beach. It was an immediate difference maker and designed such that it was practical for air travel. In March of 2017 I visited with Gary in Puyallup on my way to Kalaloch. I was just looking for an opportunity to have lunch with and glean some more insights from an accomplished TP DXer on my way back to Kalaloch. I mentioned that I would be going to Hawaii in April, planning to do some TP DXing from Princeville on Kauai and from the west side of the island of Hawaii. Much to my elated surprise, he offered a 5" FSL for me to try in Kalaloch, then Hawaii. At the time my receiver was a stock Tecsun PL-310. TP reception in Kalaloch was the best I had experienced there. Reception on Kauai was flat out astonishing. I felt I had a sampling of what the PNW DXers experienced when conditions were good. I was overwhelmed at the quantity and quality of Asian TP DX from Princeville. Hearing a Brazilian Portuguese broadcast on one of the Japanese big guns also stirred some interesting discussions within the PNW TP DX community. What amazed me was I don't think it had been reported before. DU TP DX from the west side of Hawaii was also quite good. Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands booming in was something I could get used to! Prior to my second trip to the island of Hawaii, I met up again with Gary. Once again he surprised me by providing me with a turbocharged Tecsun PL-380. In April of last year, I took a second trip to the island of Hawaii, staying right on the waterfront for several days. Using the turbocharged Tecsun PL-380 and the 5" FSL enabled reception of Trackside Radio in NZ of such quality that a KIWI DXer commented on it. While trying for More FM and 531pi on 531 at Rockworks last summer, I discovered my 5" FSL was showing signs of the mileage I had put on it as it was reluctant to tune down to 531. Gary to the rescue! He offered me a back up 5" FSL and took my limping FSL to repair it! Using the replacement 5" FSL More FM and 531pi were logged and recorded, as well as one of my personal TP DXing highlights: reception of Chinese Radio on 936, a 1 kW station in NZ! All possible thanks to Gary's innovative approach to enhanced ultralight TP DXing as well as his mantra of ongoing improvement. My hat's off to Gary for significantly elevating my travel TP DXing experience! Thanks Gary!!

73 and Good DX!

Craig Barnes
Wheat Ridge, CO

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