Re: DXing in Hong Kong-- the Overall Verdict

Stephen P. McGreevy

Hello Gary and the UL group. 

Although I don't have some of the newer "UL" portables (save for some very tiny but amazingly sensitive portables such as a "TIVDIO v-111" obtained on eBay for USD10! I cannot figure  out how to get it to go to 9 kHz steps, alas!)

I have had (since the early 80s) various good/exc. quality Sony portables (ICF-7600D/SW7600GR, etc.). I have two of the ICF-SW7600GR portables and I can say they are truly great and reliable enough for me for my so-called "UL-DXing."

Like Gary, I have extensively traveled abroad and in North America, using my Sonys either just barefoot (such as hotel-room DXing in CHina and HK) and Europe/Russia/etc.  ) or coupled to a loop or even wire via a loop and wire coupling turn for hi-Q results. Not really so hi-performance as a FSL though.

As such, this group and specifically, Gary's presentations amaze me - so great and cool to see what is going on in this ever-changing realm of portable DXpeditioning and the small radios and new loop designs!.

In November 2013 I spent 3 nights in HK after concluding a 12-day Mainland China tour.  I agree with Gary that HK is so crowded and too many "observers watching" that rolling out a Bev. antenna on an HK beach (as I have loved to do 100s of times in Hawaii when I lived there between '86 to '91 on and off) and elsewhere is nigh impossible.  So loops -- for their gain/directivity/noise-nulling abilities are wonderful and have nulling capabilities "on the fly" that Bevs do not.  In Hawaii, a ong Bev. really knocks down the high-angle Honolulu cram of signals to the point that DX overwhelms them in comparison to a loop or short-wire "A/B" testing I did there.

So much of my own "UL" DXpeditioning has been barefoot SOnys and or small loops I cna pack in my suitcase but not ferrite-based loops with their large field for size, so I have to compromise with weight and other limitations while traveling.

I used to extensively TP DX at Point Reyes - perhaps many here have seen my Internet Archive pages on this.  With that written, Gary's present efforts at the "Kiwi site" i.e. Oregon clifff-side DX is a new take on DXpeditioning and should be heartily praised.

Back to HK DXing:  I found it fascinating to DX in HK with just via a barefoot Sony ICF-SW7600GR (all I could take - three recorders/two radios but no loop, alas) but never heard the farther out stuff Gary scored there simply as I was just recording what MWDX just sounded like in HK w/o trying for exotic DX (the novelty!!).  Just would "stumble" upon it as I band-scanned.  I did enjoy several clear receptions of Philippine Island DX in HK  (Kowloon) and that was really neat (711/1350/etc.)!

Keep up the amazing reports and great job, Gary and friends here... I think in August it would so cool to join a DXped. to Rocklands, Oregon (I lived in Lakeview for 1 year in 1996-7 and even there the TP DX was superior by far to Inyo County, CA (not really pleased at the band-cram down here nor the area or CA in general, save for a few fine secret desert DX places not over-run by "tourists" hi! (I see no one even on the 3-day holidays!)

BTW - those invasive RVers whom park overnight and snarl at your Rocklands DX-site group have **no right to do so** - you can tell them they are illegally parking and you are 'radio engineers' (true!) checking station strengths as "work" (true sorta) and if they get snarly then warn them in this... - just a thought - politely but firmly of course...) RVers are an invasive species of "campers" -- too many of whom are too uppity (INMNSHO) and "hate" tent/car campers... weird... so I have heard dozens of times... alas.

BTW, re. Hawaii - get land blockage to Honolulu by all means to knock down the obnoxious amount of those "locals" there - Kona is not good for that nor Poipu either (re. HNL overload) - I used to go to east Hawaii - Kamoamoa (now gone under lava!) or the fab MacKenzie SP (still there for now!) and rolled out Bevs to k/o Honolulu signals *dramatically.*

BUT, Malaekahana Bay on Oahu's north Shore near Kahuku/Laie is wonderful to get rid of HNL overload and have DX as fine as on an Outer Island locale (but NOT facing a water-path to Honolulu!) and quick and cheap to get to (I spent one week in a tent at Malaekahana (Friends of Mal. Bay CG - private) and no noise/quiet and easy to taxi too). There in the north Oahu shore, the groundwaves from HNL are really attenuated and DX creams them!   Not in Kona though, but Kona is wonderful for DU DX unlike North Oahu's windward side (island attenuation to big there for DU).

Some initial thoughts... thanks much for this fasc. group!

73 for now - Steve McGreevy - N6NKS

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