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That has not stopped my relatives or my wife's! It was always fun to see my dad arguing with his older sisters with the argument sometimes ending, "they don't accept California money in Hawaii". The older ones usually won out or the one who went to the restroom first. Now I am of that age that where I get into it with my cousins when I visit.

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<<<   Yes having Yum Cha - with relatives that you have not seen for a while can take up plenty of time
Tony VK2IC   >>>

<<<   Nothing more sporting than going to Dim Sum and watching family and friends battle over the bill! Especially when you are too stuffed to move.
73, kevin
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Once my wife and her friends got into an HK teahouse the concept of time went out the window (I think you know the routine). I usually chased DX around local midnight, after the last subway train left the teahouse area.

As for fighting over the bill, Kevin, I found out that if a "Gweilo" (foreign devil) uses his Chinese to ask the waitress in advance for the bill, he stands a decent chance of finally ending up with it-- assuming that none of the Chinese diners has beat him to the punch with an earlier request.

73, Gary


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