Re: Hong Kong 7.5 inch Loopstick European, African and Middle East DX

Gary DeBock

<<<   Yes having Yum Cha - with relatives that you have not seen for a while can take up plenty of time
Tony VK2IC   >>>

<<<   Nothing more sporting than going to Dim Sum and watching family and friends battle over the bill! Especially when you are too stuffed to move.
73, kevin
kc6pob    >>>


Once my wife and her friends got into an HK teahouse the concept of time went out the window (I think you know the routine). I usually chased DX around local midnight, after the last subway train left the teahouse area.

As for fighting over the bill, Kevin, I found out that if a "Gweilo" (foreign devil) uses his Chinese to ask the waitress in advance for the bill, he stands a decent chance of finally ending up with it-- assuming that none of the Chinese diners has beat him to the punch with an earlier request.

73, Gary


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