Re: Hong Kong 7.5 inch Loopstick European, African and Middle East DX

Gary DeBock

<<<    Gosh, we are all relieved that cramp didn't drop the rx twelve storeys
down onto the head of a security guy, which could have resulted in
many years hosted and provided for by the authorities - probably
doubled once they dissected your spyware-modded rx...

Welcome home, Buddy!

Michael UK      >>>

Thanks Michael,

Actually the hand cramps didn't seem to start up until a critical DXing moment like during an ID or a top of the hour routine, at which time I faced the dubious choice of covering the exotic signal with RFI, or taking a risk that the Skywave might become a "Frequent Flyer."

A couple of times it seemed that I had drawn the undesired attention of some Chinese pedestrians directly below my position, who promptly moved away from the fallout zone at warp speed.

73, Gary

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