Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"


Hi Gary,
I do get to see it for about 1 second then it goes back to the time.
I would like it to remain on the screen in the upper right hand corner as the manual
states. I have done exactly as you have stated. Is that the way it functions; a quick glimpse? 

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<<<    How do I  get the Radio R 108 to show signal strength? 
Tried, can't get it.
Pete   >>>


Toggle the "Display" button (the one below the orange On-Off button, with the "key" logo) until you get the same dBu/dB signal strength display that shows up on the Tecsun PL-310/PL-380 models.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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To all.....
My apologies for changing the thread.
I have question.
How do I  get the Radio R 108 to show signal strength? 
Tried, can't get it.

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Le 31/03/2019 16:18, Peter Laws a écrit :

> You need to be very specific about what you mean here.

You're absolutely right.

> C. Crane designs its radios in the USA but they still contract out the
> manufacturing to Chinese companies ...
Since it is an American design, I won't regard it as a "Chinese" radio.

I don't think I'll ever buy a C.Crane radio though, but for an entirely
different reason: none of the C.Crane models I know of features the
longwave band. So these radios are out of the picture for me anyway.

I'll also keep on buying DAB+ radios and TV settop boxes from CGV, a
local company here that has its production manufactured in China.

> Also, what about Tecsun?  Where are they based?  Are they stealing
> designs or doing it themselves?  I quite like my PL-606.
Since many of the Tecsun radios are, I think, based on the same chip as
the C.Crane/XHDATA... I have my doubts.

Anyway I had several Tecsun models, and I was never really pleased with
them. The PL-880 I had was a piece of crap... The PL-660 might have been
rather good if the frequency display hadn't been several kHz off and if
the synchronous detector had worked. The PL-310 and the PL-380 were
pretty good, but after 6 months all the buttons were dead and the radios
were useless, and the PL-310ET had such poor audio that I gave up using
it after two weeks.

I have several models from SONY, dating back to the previous millenium
and they are in much better condition after almost 3 decades than the
Tecsuns after as many months.



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