Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"

Rémy Friess

Le 31/03/2019 16:18, Peter Laws a écrit :

You need to be very specific about what you mean here.
You're absolutely right.

C. Crane designs its radios in the USA but they still contract out the
manufacturing to Chinese companies ...
Since it is an American design, I won't regard it as a "Chinese" radio.

I don't think I'll ever buy a C.Crane radio though, but for an entirely different reason: none of the C.Crane models I know of features the longwave band. So these radios are out of the picture for me anyway.

I'll also keep on buying DAB+ radios and TV settop boxes from CGV, a local company here that has its production manufactured in China.

Also, what about Tecsun? Where are they based? Are they stealing
designs or doing it themselves? I quite like my PL-606.
Since many of the Tecsun radios are, I think, based on the same chip as the C.Crane/XHDATA... I have my doubts.

Anyway I had several Tecsun models, and I was never really pleased with them. The PL-880 I had was a piece of crap... The PL-660 might have been rather good if the frequency display hadn't been several kHz off and if the synchronous detector had worked. The PL-310 and the PL-380 were pretty good, but after 6 months all the buttons were dead and the radios were useless, and the PL-310ET had such poor audio that I gave up using it after two weeks.

I have several models from SONY, dating back to the previous millenium and they are in much better condition after almost 3 decades than the Tecsuns after as many months.



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