Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"

Rémy Friess

Le 31/03/2019 08:12, Gary DeBock via Groups.Io a écrit :

This is part of a much larger trade issue between China and the USA--
Not only between China and the USA. Between China and the rest of the world as well.

the routine theft of foreign intellectual property by Chinese companies, a practice which is actually encouraged by the Beijing authorities. But that very real problem is outside of the Ultralight Radio realm, except for Radiwow and XHDATA's obvious theft of C.Crane's innovative designs.

I entirely agree with you and I feel the DX-community should boycott Chinese products altogether.

At any rate that is what I'll do from now on. The XHDATA D-808 was the last Chinese radio I purchased. I was thinking of getting second one, but I won't. I'll go for a used SONY instead.

As long as there are people ready to buy Chinese crap, these companies will go on with their vile practises.



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