Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"

Gord Seifert

   I am sorry to see so many people giving this product so much credit. It is garbage! One or two out of seven acceptable and the rest in need of servicing or redesign right out of the box?  It is a rip off of a better product made by a reputable company that spent good money developing it, and will support their product with a real warrantee. I would like to see it said that Radiowow should be shunned as ripoff junk and the CC Crane products purchased so they can afford to continue developing better products. So, I have said it. Hopefully Radiowow will either fold soon or start building better products and supporting them.  
   I don't intend this to be taken as an attack on anyone, so please don't take it as such. But if it is defective most of the time then call it what it is, junk.
  Gord Seifert

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