Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"


Jay - Re. The ticking sound. I have this too but find changing the information display to temperature gets rid of it. Others have reported this has worked also. YMMV!

My main gripes are popping from headphones when switching bands, steady loss of signal strength as the battery depletes, sluggish tuning performance on LW and MW. Other annoyance is the widely reported loss of sensitivity on MW when switching from another band. A quick off and on sorts that out. Doesn't really bother me that one.

I also notice my signal strength meter consistently displays around 10db less than my 310ET when comparing side by side. I guess this is nothing to worry about but as they both use the same chip I would've thought I'd be seeing the same readings. I don't know as much as you guys though when it comes to the techncalities of the insides. On the whole my R-108 has the edge on the 310ET when it comes to SW and MW performance.


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