Re: Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"



You are right...for anyone outside of Chine such warranties are useless as the costs to return a radio would match or exceed the cost of replacement...this has always been true of buying from China. The few defective radios I've bought over the years have been a total loss and I never considered trying to return them as it didn't' seem worth the trouble. and although I hate this state of affairs it seems we have no other choice if we want to try some of these radios. But I do agree with you...when a particular model has a bad track record you must be willing to take a loss if you get a bad one and I think it's good that you are letting people know about this since you have bought several of them. I also absolutely agree that if anyone has fear of losing their money on this particular radio, the C. Crane Skywaves, both versions, even though more expensive, are much safer purchases both because C. Crane is a company which is worth supporting and because they stand behind their products with a warranty which protects you if you happen to receive a bad unit. C. Crane is a one-of-a-kind company in today's market and I dislike the fact that their intellectual property is freely stolen by these manufacturers who follow no rules of ethics.

That said, since I had mentioned last week that I had indeed gotten a good sample of the Radiwow R-108 I wanted to let you know I still think so and I'm glad I have it. The only negative I have noted so far is a slight ticking sound on AM at the top end of the dial and it can be heard when there is no signal. It can also be heard under signals at the threshold of audibility although they are still readable...for signals any stronger the ticking is covered up. So the radio is not perfect, but on the plus side I prefer its audio over the is much fuller sounding.

So I can't say my R-108 is perfect...but overall it is a cool little box...if you get a good one When I review it I will add this warning.



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