Radiwow R-108 "Warranty"

Gary DeBock

For those who have purchased (or are considering) the Radiwow R-108 model, it may come as a big surprise that the Chinese manufacturer (XHDATA) does actually offer a "warranty" on the model-- but it comes with more loopholes than a politician's empty campaign promise. You can read the full details at https://www.xhdata.com.cn/pages/Warranty-and-Return-11470589.html

To summarize (for those of you who could use a little humor), here are the main points:

1)  The "warranty" is only for 30 days.
2)  You must get permission from the company before returning any defective radio (which may or may not be given).
3)  "Used" radios cannot be returned (you turned it on, didn't you?)
4)  The company has the option of either giving you another one of the same model, or a refund (well, you didn't really expect any cash back, did you?)
5)  You must pay the shipping fees BOTH ways to return a defective product, and get the replacement radio back (which, by the way, will exceed the original cost of your        R-108 purchase).
6)  The company requires a tracking number for all defective item returns (which, in the USA, means Priority Mail at a minimum, which runs about $40 US one way)

Unfortunately these same rules apply for purchasers of the XHDATA D-808, but at least in that case the radio generally has a high quality reputation. With the R-108 it's pretty much a $50 gamble on each model, with quality control all over the map. The odds are rigged against you.

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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