Re: Later Model CC Skywave Portables Have Improved Audio Amp


I've been pretty scathing about the quality control on this radio over on YouTube. If I'd paid another £5-£10 it would've been back for a refund. I draw the line eventually. Mine has issues but fortunately it doesn't impact too greatly..

Interesting that reviews on Amazon are positive and ones bought from other retailers less so it would seem. I'm often sceptical of many Amazon reviews but most of the reviews on their US and UK stores for this radio are positive and many of them fairly lengthy. I buy from there as the returns are easy and you don't even need a reason for a return. But that isn't a warranty of course. If mine goes down the pan in a month or so I doubt Radiwow will be interested.

Also, with that piddling little battery I treat the radio like a phone and charge it everyday. I've found performance starts to degrade after several hours of use.

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