Re: Later Model CC Skywave Portables Have Improved Audio Amp

Gary DeBock

Hi Chipbutty,

<<<   You haven't much luck at all with the R-108. I have to say on mine that the audio from the speaker is outstanding and will go very loud and still remains very clear. Far, far better than the speaker on my PL-310ET. Even beats my Grunding YB400. Great clarity. It really is superb. >>>

That's great-- I'm happy that you received a decent R-108 model, and are pleased with its performance.

Unfortunately for R-108 purchasers who are not so lucky, they have no recourse from the warranty-shirking manufacturer. If the model had a high quality control standard with very few exceptions then it might be possible to accept the Chinese company's refusal to service their own products, but when quality control is all over the map this attitude is unacceptable, in my opinion. Like you I have received a couple of decent R-108 models, but it is entirely a $50 gamble for each purchaser that decides to buy one, with the odds stacked against him by the "house," who refuses to lose the bet.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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