972-HLCA S9 at 1141 UTC

Gary DeBock

The prognosis is great for Asian signals this morning, with Chris Kadlec's old Korean local 972-HLCA pounding in at S9 this early morning on yet another newly "Supercharged" C.Crane Skywave (and newly constructed 5" Frequent Flyer FSL) in the predawn darkness at 1141 UTC. The recording apparently contains a program ID, although it doesn't sound familiar  https://dreamcrafts.box.com/s/ffxkd64af06z5a300y7q549dv3frm984

The predawn transplant operation was another nerve wracking (or nerve wrecking?) exercise, but now there are enough "Supercharged" CC Skywaves (and 5" Frequent Flyer FSL's) for all of the four participants in the November Poipu, Hawaii DXpedition. We plan to have some serious fun! 

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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