Re: Later Model CC Skywave Portables Have Improved Audio Amp


You haven't much luck at all with the R-108. I have to say on mine that the audio from the speaker is outstanding and will go very loud and still remains very clear. Far, far better than the speaker on my PL-310ET. Even beats my Grunding YB400. Great clarity. It really is superb. And I'm a bit of a picky audiophile geek! Well I used to be a bit of audiophile but that game isn't good for your health. Anyway, the audio is so good from my R-108 that it does an excellent job on its own at helping to keep signals clear. It's equally good on headphones. FM on headphones is really lovely as well. I listened to a play on BBC Radio 4 last night in stereo and it had a really wide sound stage. Impressive.

Maybe I got a good R-108. Touch wood. On the whole my copy is brilliant despite the niggles I spoke about in the other thread. I sympathise with your experience as I've been there before with other products.

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