Re: Two More Radiwow R-108 Models Received


I'd be interested to hear more owner reports on the R-108. I've been using mine a lot and thankfully I haven't come across anything else too severe so far. Nothing quite as bad as Gary. I've ordered a new battery (Duracell) and a charger.

Btw, I'm new to the group so hello. I decided to try SW listening again after a twenty year break. I sold my ICF-2001D years ago to fund my camera habit. Bought a small Tecsun a couple of weeks ago and ended up on that rocky road. Tecsun R-909, Tecsun 9700DX (lovely radio), Tecsun PL-310ET - bought last week on Ebay and eventually ended up only paying £10 for it as I found it to be faulty. I've since fixed it, Radiwow R-108 - we all love this little guy don't we? ;-) I still have  a grotty looking twenty year old Grundig YB400. 

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