Skywave Transplant Still Challenges Nerves

Gary DeBock

With many technical jobs the task becomes somewhat easier if you perform it over and over, but that isn't going to happen with a 7.5 inch loopstick transplant into the ultra-crammed C.Crane Skywave model. Every one of these operations makes you feel like you have been put through the wringer, and lucky to come out of the experience with your radio and nerves intact.

This early morning another one of these wacky jobs was completed, and somehow the "Supercharged" model (made for a Hawaii DXpedition partner) works fine. By the way, the SSB Skywave is slightly easier to work on than the standard Skywave, which has both antenna leads extremely close together in the worst possible place on the RF circuit board, in the worst possible orientation to avoid short circuits, and only about 2mm from a slot hole that must not be obstructed with excess solder. The battery spring, removable left side panel, whip antenna wire terminal, volume control and RF board mounting screws will not fit together unless you know the "routine," which I will spare you from hearing in order to preserve your sanity. Somehow describing this wacky operation (and its multiple pitfalls) helps to promote recovery.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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