Re: Radiwow R-108 Quality Control (or Lack Thereof)

Gary DeBock

<<<   Maybe some feedback should be sent to the Chinese engineers so they can maybe sort these issues out. C Crane Skywave had similar problems with their first production run with whine and other issues. It wasn't long ago Radiwow were offering half price and discounted radios for unbiased reviews.   >>>

Thanks Chris,

So far three of the R-108 models have been received here, but several more have been ordered for an extensive quality control check.

Besides reporting all of the detailed R-108 quirks to this group I do plan to send a full report to Radiwow eventually, after all of the models have been thoroughly assessed. So far none of the three models was trouble-free out of the box, so this fact in combination with the lack of any warranty is pretty disastrous for a model's reputation. I don't plan to ask Radiwow for any troubleshooting on the defective models, since Navy-trained techs like Steve R. and I could probably fix them quicker than the Chinese reverse engineers, especially when no warranty is involved :-)

73, Gary



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