Radiwow R-108 Quality Control (or Lack Thereof)

Gary DeBock

The Radiwow R-108 is a new, very compact Chinese-made AM-FM-LW-SW-AIR Ultralight radio which has recently become available to North American purchasers on eBay (such as this listing at $49.98, including free shipping  https://www.ebay.com/itm/RADIWOW-R-108-Radio-Digital-AM-FM-Portable-Stereo-LW-SW-AIR-DSP-World-Receiver/173793532305?hash=item2876e6d991:g:esMAAOSw1YRcZTng:rk:1:pf:0

     When my first R-108 model arrived a couple weeks ago it had an intermittent issue with loud oscillations on the high end of the AM band, but somehow that problem was completely corrected as the result of a 7.5 inch loopstick transplant. Since there were no more digital issues with my first (and only) R-108 model I was cautiously optimistic that the Chinese company was paying serious attention to quality control. Wrong!

     Today I received two more R-108 models (ordered from the listing above), and both of them have a "motorboating" sound when the volume control is increased. In one model this is pretty loud, while in the other model it is of moderate strength. This "motorboating" is not related to a weak battery (as was the case in old pocket transistor radios). The radio with the loud "motorboating" volume control also has continuous, internally-generated oscillations on the high band frequency of 1650 kHz, which is a relatively open frequency during the daytime here. Since Radiwow does not offer any kind of manufacturer's warranty on their radios, these quality control issues are a deal breaker, in my opinion. Because some other R-108 purchasers may be encountering these same type of issues I may try to troubleshoot the radios on my own rather than sending them back to China, but in order to avoid receiving a defective radio without any manufacturer's warranty I would strongly recommend that purchasers avoid this Radiwow R-108 model.


Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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