Re: Radiwow R-108 and XHDATA D-808 Loopsticks

Gary DeBock

Thanks Remy,

<<<   I have never used or even seen a C.Crane radio but still, if the D-808 is a copy of the C.Crane and judging from it, “technical innovations” doesn't seem to mean improvement. I find the D-808 rather poor on SSB, especially when used in ECSSB mode, compared to its performance in AM, and compared to other receivers, like the SONYs for instance or the Tecsun PL-660.   >>>

Of course in comparison to the SSB circuitry in communication receivers (or even in the Sony ICF-2010/ 2001D or Tecsun PL-880), the SSB function of both the CC Skywave and the D-808 is pretty rudimentary. The challenge for C.Crane was to develop some type of SSB capability that would fit inside the very compact Skywave cabinet space (122mm x 75mm x 27mm), in addition to the RF and Digital circuit boards , speaker and other components. The C.Crane company was obviously quite proud of its achievement in developing the Skywave SSB model (shown in the photo below, next to the D-808), and started marketing the ultra-compact SSB-enhanced portable for $169.98 in the summer of last year. The sky-high price was probably an attempt to cover their research and development costs, but it was a very bad idea for a radio assembled in China, with a copy cat company in the same city eager to "appropriate" the technology.

73, Gary


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