Re: Radiwow R-108 and XHDATA D-808 Loopsticks

Rémy Friess

Hi Chris,

Le 12/03/2019 22:36, Chris Black a écrit :

Regarding SSB, when I first clicked the button, it showed LSB.
Not sure how I did it but now it only shows USB?
In the earlier days of the internet, one would have answered "RTFM"... ;)

You did it by pressing the appropriate button, the "Info" button.

This information is even printed on the set itself, in small dark red characters on a brown background. You need a good looking-glass to read it.

Well, the logic in that receiver is a bit strange, to say the least. To change from one sideband to the other you don't press the "SSB" button but the "Info" button.

When you get to +99 you get a pronounced HET.
Continuing to move the wheel up begins to decrement
the numbers with the typical BFO/zero beat sound until
you gat back to the starting point.
Any enlightening on how this thing thinks is most appreciated.
Strictly speaking it doesn't "decrement" the numbers, it jumps back to -99 and continues to increment them till it reaches +99 again.

Conversely, if you turn the wheel downwards, it decrements from +99 to -99, then starts again at +99.

Strangely enough in AM mode it tunes in 1 kHz steps and never jumps back. Therefore I always leave the main tuning knob in fast mode and use the thumbwheel for the slow mode.

All in all the D-808 is a rather good receiver, but it takes some getting used to.

To key-in 6070 kHz for instance, you have two options. Either "Freq-6-0-7-0-Freq", or "Freq-0-6-0-7-0". But on the MW band you don't have to key in the leading 0 or press "Freq" twice. Very strange...



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