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Paul S. in CT

When I did a 1-Transistor project in 2004, the only thing on 1690 was WPTX running CNN-Headline news. They went live IIRC in '05. Then Canada put two stations on 1690... Montreal and Toronto and nearly wiped out WPTX. The X-band is still fun, and the Canadians put some interesting ethnic stations, and a children's station there. From here (N.E. US) 1620-30-40 are still DX targets.

But yeah, most of the world is 522-1611 by 9kHz steps. I like the ICF-19, but have a ICF-36 non-UL kitchen radio. My day-to-day is the R-9012 and the Dirt-Cheap-DSP Vite 111 (ferrite bar outside of radio).

Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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