Audio Cubes Raises Price of Sony SRF-T615 to $149.00

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The boom in orders for the top-rated SRF-T615 digital Ultralight radio has obviously been noticed in Japan.
     .With a whopping 67% price increase, Audio Cubes 2 has apparently decided to make a few extra yen on this model, which when combined with the $16 shipping charge to the USA/Canada, now will set you back $165.  If you were fortunate enough to order this model at the pre-boom $89 price, consider yourself lucky.
     The eBay vendor "joynetcafe" continues to offer the SRF-T615 at a much more sensible $105, plus $15 shipping, making it the obvious choice for those who still need the best in digital Ultralight performance.  The Sony SRF-T615 is the top choice for sensitivity on both the low and high ends of the AM band, although the Eton E100 will typically equal it on the high band.  The SRF-T615 apparently is unique among the digital Ultralights in having wide-band high sensitivity, as opposed to the E100 and DT-200VX models, which can typically only be peaked to favor the high or low ends of the band.
     The SRF-T615 is a great stock performer, and is my personal DXpedition favorite, having received 8 TP's (and 1 unID 531 DU) during the April 20 visit to Grayland, Washington.  But whether it is worth over $100 depends on your perspective, I guess.  Being made in Japan and available only from Japan, it will never be easy to purchase.
                                                                           73,  Gary DeBock     . 

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