Re: Radiwow R-108 Vs. Tecsun PL-380

Max Italy

Paul i do not have to convince anybody, i just want to make things clear and not mixing one thing with another,  but remember that AA batteries are Ni-Mh batteries, so your concern is more about the form factor than the technology of the batteries.
Jerry is also confusing one thing with another because R6 is the same as AA, just different terms, and R6 1.2v lithium batteries simply do not exhist, they are Ni-Mh.

p.s. strange that the scanners litium batteries failed both. I have a $20 Baofeng radio that i used only for reception and i have charged only twice in one year. The battery is in its plastic sealed box and i have never seen them going bad in any device, cellphones included. There must be a major projectual problem with the charging unit.

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