Re: Survey Responses

Neil Goldstein

Paul, and all,

I feel that the majority of the members are looking to diversify the scope of what we do here, and some want to keep it as the title of the group states: limited in size and function.

My suggestion is to create some sub-groups for:
Larger radios.  Maybe a larger than mini category, and an unlimited category.
Advanced radios (SDR, SSB, HD, and others)
Primitive radios (maybe)
Anything else?

Look for members that might want to moderate some of the new groups, so it doesn't get overwhelming.  I think that the market and environment related to the radio hobby has changed enough since you started that a wider scope is warranted.  I really do enjoy going out in the field with little SRF-59's and my SW1S and others, but sometimes I like to DX with my Globetraveller too.  I get it that this group had a specific purpose and my suggestion will preserve that for those that are happy with things as they are, but expanding our scope is not a bad idea.

We could start a completely separate group, or find an existing one that fits these additional interests, but I feel we have a great group of people here already that seem to be interested in all things related to portable radio listening.

Just my two cents.  Carry on.

Neil Goldstein  W2NDG  WQXD361

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