Re: Airband Radio on Ultralight Radios

Andy ZL3AG

Be aware that airband reception on the AR-1780 is provided by a separate chipset tacked on to the input of the AM/FM chipset.

I haven't tested the effect on the AM BCB side, but the FM sensitivity of the AR-1780 is well down on other radios with the same chipset, as the chipset expects to be connected directly to a whip antenna, not via added circuitry.

If you want airband reception, you're probably better of researching specialised airband portables and sniping a 2nd hand one on your favourite auction site.

On 14/02/19 10:40 AM, Paul Blundell wrote:
Thanks for the information Dan, this radio is on my list to purchase when my funds allow :)
Does it "scan" the airband at all? That is one thing I do miss. I have a 30 year old scanner at home that does a good job but would love something more portable. I have owned most scanners that have come out over the years at one time or another so know them well.
On Wed, Feb 13, 2019 at 9:45 PM Dan Merta <dnmerta0@... <mailto:dnmerta0@...>> wrote:
My Digitech AR-1780 has airband and it seems to work quite well. I'm not far from a training airport in Melb Sth East called Moorabbin airport so it picks up those freqs well. The ATS is 120.9000MHz runway left 118.1000MHz, runway right 123.0000MHz & ground is 119.9000MHz
I can also pick up Melbourne International airport. (Tullamarine) Esp Melbourne radar on 132.0000MHz
For airband listening I use a Uniden ubcd396xt scanner with a VHF 2 meter ham band antenna which enables me to hear all the Melbourne air traffic.
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