Re: Reliable but reasonably priced sources of ferrite for FSLs?-FARMERIK


It sounds like several responses are from people who understand far more about Q than I do as it relates to MW loops.

I would think I should  aim for the highest Q possible, but it sounds like if too high speech is muffled which would hamper DXing  IDs. However, adding  some variable R could reduce Q. Is that correct? [non-inductive R I assume]

In one of the files I thought it said if either the coil or cap is lower in Q than the other, the tank circuit goes down perhaps to the lower value. So a high Q cap is also important in a resonated circuit?

Higher count Litz increases Q, if I understand correctly. If there is a limit for audio quality, it would be a waste to buy higher count Litz beyond that point, where ever it is.

Also in files here, I think I read increasing both Q or the number of turns of wire increase signal strength, but they are achieved in opposite ways, so you have to balance those factors for best all around performance. Is that correct?

Hoping for expert replies so I can better understand how to build a better portable  ferrite loop. - FARMERIK

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