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Phillip Fimiani

During Florence (Im in NC) we were without power for more than a week. Cell phones were sparse... no internet to speak of. AM radio was where to listen. No noise at all... It was great. The local stations switched over to call in and stories and critical info....  food water etc. Then as the stations were going off to lack of diesel fuel to run generators, the station went down one by one. In the end there were two stations still on the air. Then we got fuel in....Things got better.
AM radio was it....

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In a disaster scenario the US would have much better information
coverage on AM than Europe, where most AM stations with news
broadcasts have closed down. That said, a uldx rx with a
maxi-FSL in the UK might get some info from stateside :-)

On Dienstag.12.02.19 15:15, Jacques wrote:
> Done
> I'm interested in How-to's on communications, when you happen to be
> isolated by a disaster. When all you have is a simple receiver, no phone
> and all digital communication devices are shutdown.
> -- Jacques

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